Kahvia hotelleille

Hotel Coffee (kahvia hotelleille)

Nespresso can add quality to the standards of your hotel in Finland and exceed the guests’ expectations. How is this possible? Try to google ‘kahvia hotelleille‘ and you will find an explanation of how a good coffee made with a great coffee maschine (espressokone) can do something great for your hotel.

An unforgettable stay in your hotel could be because of an exceptional good cup of coffee. If you invest in a great espresso maschine (espressokone) you will be able to give your guests an unforgettable coffee moment.

You can place the maschine in the lobby, guest rooms, meeting rooms, restaurant, bar, at breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can place it where ever you want and you can get a coffee solution perfectly adapted to the environment. Especially, the Nespresso system integrates effortlessly into every venue while delivering consistent quality, cup after cup.