Good Steel Stoves

Steel Stoves for a cozier home Good Steel Stoves come in many variations. The wall mounted Steel Stoves are good if you lack space in your home. Or if you just want some extra space for your loved ones. Let the quality materials in your new stove give your home a more homey feel, so … Read more

Steel Stoves

Steel Stoves the elegant way Many companies sell good Steel Stoves, but the Morsø black and steel hearth plates are made from 2 mm. high-quality steel. This is the place to go for elegant Steel Stoves that will give your home a timeless look. Here you will find a wide selection for the quality oriented … Read more

Noise Absorbings

Noise Absorbing qualities beyond expectation If you are looking for a material with Noise Absorbing qualities, then this is a place where it can be developped by specialists. The Noise Absorbing properties that you find in the new Fibertex material beats your competition. It has been tested and fully documented for your professional use. It … Read more

Noise Absorbing

Noise Absorbing material New Noise Absorbing material gives nonwoven totally new properties. This new noise absorbing material from Fibertex is called FiberAcoustic and provides up to 97% sound absorption. This has never been seen before and these unique properties are well documented to give you the kind of professional material that is needed.   Nonwovens … Read more

Steel Stoves

Steel Stoves Looking for nice wood burning stoves for your home, hunting cabin or the whole year. Then you will find some of the hottest and coldest steel stoves . If you thought that wood burning stoves is one of the most beautiful and I love the smell of birch, crackling in the stoves so … Read more

Iron Stoves

Cast Iron Stoves Looking for a nice wood stove or inserts for your home, hunting cabin or your all-year. Then you'll find here some of the hottest and coolest cast iron stoves. If you also thought that a fireplace is one of nicest and loves the smell of birch that crackle in the stove so … Read more

Prisforskel på Flyttefirmaer

Flytning? Kæmpeprisforskel mellem Flyttefirmaer! Skal du flytte og skal bruge et firma til at flytte møbler mv.. Så er der mere end tusindevis af kroner at spare ved at kontrollere priserne på forskellige ordrer .Man kan ikke altid regne med at flytte virksomhedernes listepriser. Det kan virkeligt godt betale sig at bruge god til at finde den … Read more


Federmäppchen von Jeva Federmäppchen sind haltbar – Ein kunde der Federmäppchen von Jeva kaufen hast eine super product kauft. Finden Sie in unserem eine grosse Auswahl an Federmäppchen hier! Federmäppchen Wenn Sie eine Federmäppchen wollen, dann kann ich sehr empfehlen Jeva Schultasche. Es gibt eine große Auswahl und viele coole Designs. Dies sind die Federmäppchen … Read more


Looking for Acoustic nonwovens? New nonwoven material developed and testet by Fibertex. FiberAcoustic can apply up to 97% of the sound absorption from any source of noice. This is truly an impressive level of acoustic noice absorption. You can read more about Acoustics right here.